More on Football

Sport of the godsFor those that read yesterday’s post today’s thoughts are what I was leading up too. If you did not read yesterday’s post it is HERE (take a look and come back).

In the United States, American Football is almost if not already on par with religion.  Many people will change churches before they change which team they follow. With all this in mind as I put thought to yesterday’s post I also considered the following observations:

  1. We make time for football.  We will set aside time weekly if not daily to watch or read about our favorite teams and players.
  2. We support football financially.  We buy tickets to games, travel great distances to attend those games.  We buy clothing and other paraphernalia in support of our team.
  3. We raise our children to love football.  I have friends who refuse to let the colors of their rivals to enter their house.
  4. We get excited about football. We love for our team to win.  We can’t wait to go to a game or watch them on TV.

Now consider the following passages:

  • “I was glad when then said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.'” Psalm 122:1
  • “Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again, Rejoice!” Phil 4:4

Can I and do I get enthusiastic about the things of God as I do about sports like football?

– Scott

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