Yes, that is me.

Yes, that is me.

We recently re-watched the original three Indiana Jones movies. I think, my favorite as far as dialogue is concerned is The Last Crusade. In this movie Indiana searches for the mythical Holy Grail – the supposed cup of Christ used to initiate the Lord’s Supper and catch drops of his blood at the cross. (DISCLAIMER: I do not believe in the existence of such cup as a holy relic.) In a climatic seen a very old Knight of the Grail protects the grail in a room full of cups of various designs. After Indiana Jones “vanquishes” the knight, he has the opportunity to choose the cup that is the grail. At is point Walter Donovan and Elsa appear in the chamber. After choosing a gilded, Donavan drinks from it and he turns to ash. The knight matter-of-factly states, “He chose poorly.”

In their accounts of the Gospel; Matthew, Mark, and Luke all relate the account of a wealthy young man coming to Jesus (cf. Mt 19:16ff, Mk 10:17ff, Lk 18:18ff). This rich young ruler, as we often call him, provides us with a vital example of the power and results of choice.

  1. He had the Right Attitude. After all, he came to Jesus and bowed before Him.
  2. He asked the Right Question. his inquiry was about how to have eternal life. What greater quest is there?!
  3. He asked the Right Person. Jesus is the author and finisher of salvation. He is the central figure of the good news we call the Gospel.
  4. He heard the Right Answer. The answer had two parts: first submit to the will of God; second, remove anything in your life that might hinder you in full discipleship.
  5. But he made the Wrong Choice – he Chose Poorly. Even though he was right in 80% of this story, the story turns out wrong for this young man. Simply because of a wrong choice.

Each day we make any number of choices. How will you make sure you are choosing what is right in the sight of God? Will you “Choose Wisely?”

– Scott

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