Yesterday, For lunch I went to Moe’s Southwest a Grill in Tuscaloosa. I was impressed. Not by the cleanliness of the restaurant, although it was clean. Not but the quesadilla, although it was good. Not by the location, although it was convenient. I was impressed with the employees. I know that what happens is part of their process. I know that they treat everyone the same by policy, but they really made me feel welcome. In fact, they said the same when I walked into the door. No sooner had I stepped in than a duet rang out, “Welcome to Moe’s!”


This morning, as I think about Moe’s while eating a bowl of cold cereal . . . A breakfast quesadilla sounds good right now . . . I am thinking about the times disciples, the Church assembles. Are we as welcoming as Moe’s? Do we communicate how glad we are to see each other and any guests? Similarly, do we echo the employees of Chic-Fil-A telling each other, ” My pleasure!”?

The point is that the employees of Moe’s and CFA represent their respective employers and stores well. They put them in a good light. Are we as disciples representing our Master and His Kingdom in a positive light? Will you say, “It is a pleasure to serve you, welcome to church?

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