The Bible Is It From God? Pt III

ipad 105We continue our theme concerning the Bible and whether or not it is from God. If you missed the first two articles you can go back and read Part I and Part II.

Last week ended with the claim the the Bible, although penned by approximately 40 writers over a span of nearly 1600 years has only one theme. That theme is: The Redemption of Mankind (Reconciliation of God’s Fallen Creation to Himself). Today’s blog is a quick overview of the books of the Bible and how they fit that theme.

Genesis: In this book if beginnings we read about the Creation of the universe followed by the Fall of man. God then promises vengeance on the serpent (Satan) through seed of woman. As we continue reading we find God choosing a family to be the nation to bring blessings on the entire earth (this promise to Abraham and his descendants is about the Messiah).

Exodus – Deuteronomy: In these books of the Law of Moses we see this family grow to a vast people in number. So much so that the Egyptians look for ways to destroy them. But God in power and providence delivers His people and promises a land they can call their own. He gives them a theocratic law to govern and protect them so that through them He can bless the earth with the Messiah as He promised their fathers’ Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel).

Joshua: God’s chosen family, His people receive a land promised to their ancestors. Now with law and land, the people are a nation. Through this nation God will bring about the Messiah through Whom He will offer a blessing to the inhabitants of the earth.

Judges – Malachi: Are books of the history of the people who God chose to bring the Messiah into the world and their poetry and collected wisdom (Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon). In these historical accounts, the people waver between faithfulness and faithlessness. Through all of their inconsistencies, God remains faithful and gracious works His redemptive plan to bring the Messiah into the world, through Whom all mankind can find salvation (access to God).

Matthew – John: These are four accounts of events in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. These writers demonstrate that this Jesus is the Messiah. He is a blood descendant (through His mother) and legal descendant (through His earthly father) of David. His birth right and the miraculous nature of being born of  a virgin, fulfill prophecies. He is the Messiah. God, anoints Him as Messiah when the Spirit lights on Him in the form of a dove. God’s voice speaks, “This is my beloved Son.” Jesus as the anointed Son of God teaches spiritual truths and announces the spiritual kingdom. Eventually the Messiah gives His life (sheds His blood as the Lamb of God) for the salvation of Jew and Gentile alike. He rises from the grave in victory over death and this Seed of woman deals a crushing blow to Satan. The death, burial, and resurrection of the Messiah (Christ) become the cornerstone of the Good News of the Kingdom, that the Messiah proclaimed.

Acts – Revelation: The Kingdom comes into existence as the followers of the Christ respond to the Good News of salvation through His sacrifice (cf. Acts 2:1-47). As more and more people both Jews and Gentiles leave Judaism and idolatry and turn to serve the true and living God the apostles write letters to these Christians (followers of Christ) helping them learn how to live in the Kingdom (household of God – the Church). We learn from Paul that through Christ (the Messiah) we are all, whether Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female, heirs of the seed promise to Abraham (cf. Galatians 3:26-4:3). They write to teach them how to overcome the world and be ready for His return to complete reconciliation (eternity in God’s presence).

One Theme: God’s mission – THE REDEMPTION OF MANKIND TO GOD!

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