The Bible Is It From God, Pt II

Last Thursday, we began looking at the idea that he Bible is from God. You can read last week’s post HERE.  We continue the search to understand the inspiration of the Bible today by looking at some internal evidenceipad 015 that I believe demonstrates that what we call the Bible is truly from God and not from the imagination of man.

First we should consider some Stylistic Evidence of Inspiration. 

The Brevity of  the individual books of the Bible leads me to accept it as God’s inspiration.

  • Genesis covers 2,500 years in a relatively short volume.
  • The Creation account is less than 50 verses and man writes volumes on evolution and Intelligent Design.
  • The gospel accounts of the Life of Jesus of Nazareth (Christ) are four books that we separate into only 89 total chapters.

The Bible gives relatively Short Accounts of Major Incidents

  • The Fall of Man – Gen 3:1-24
  • Jesus’ Transfiguration – Mat 17:1-8
  • Death of James – Act 12:2

When I observe what I consider Major Omissions in the Bible, I conclude that God is behind the text, giving us not what we want to know, but what we need to know.

  • Mark and John do not mention the first 30 years of Jesus life.
  • Only Matthew mentions Jesus as a boy or 12 / 13.
  • Luke only records early years and then skips to adulthood.
  • 12, 019 days of Jesus life are not in the gospel accounts.
  • 1,061 days of his ministry are missing.
  • There is no physical description of Jesus.

The Bible is Relatively Calm in Language and Style, this has to be from God.

  • Transfiguration – Mat 17:1-5
  • Death (Murder) of John the Baptist – Mat 14:6-12
  • Feeding 5,000 – Mar 6:39-44
  • Walking on water – Mar 6:48-51
  • Raising Lazarus – Joh 11:43-46
  • Where are descriptive words and interjections like: COLOSSAL, UNRIVALED, UNPRECEDENTED, FANTASTIC, WOW, or ASTOUNDING?!?
  • When left to their own imaginations, men do not write like this!

Now we should consider the Unity of the Bible as evidence if inspiration.

Just look at these facts:

  • 66 books: 39 in the Old Covenant and 27 in the New Covenant
  • Approximately 40 different penmen wrote over a span of 1600 years from Moses to John.
  • There are books of history, books of law, books of poetry, and books of prophecy.
  • They wrote in different languages.
  • They wrote from different countries.
  • Yet one theme. We will look at that united theme in detail next week.

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