Advice to Preachers from Preachers and Others

This past Monday, I attended a Preacher’s Luncheon and Meeting in Double Springs, Alabama. There were about 50 preachers and other Church leaders at this gathering. As we began, Vance Hutton asked each preacher and leader to share advice or bits of wisdom that they received that helps them in their ministry. Here is a list of the advice the shared: (I tried to share them in the way they were shared. Some of them are very colloquial in syntax.)

Levi Sides: Whose advice is valuable

Levi Sides: Whose advice is valuable

  1. You cannot do everything.
  2. You are an informer not an enforcer.
  3. Your first role is to preach, teach, and evangelize.
  4. You can never give anything away.
  5. If they love you, it doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it. If they don’t love you, it doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it.
  6. Remember you are working for The Lord.
  7. Preach the truth without compromising: Do not preach to please the brethren.
  8. Don’t worry when people are talking about you, worry when they aren’t.
  9. Don’t ever expect to be compensated for your education and experience.
  10. A sing in one preacher’s office read, “If you don’t have anything to do, don’t do it here.”
  11. The best helping hand is at the end of your arm.
  12. You cannot teach what you do not know.
  13. Never quit preaching the Truth.
  14. Never lose your sense of humor.
  15. The best way to win souls is to preach the gospel.
  16. Before you argue with anyone ask yourself, “Is it more important to be right or to be a friend?”
  17. Be careful about finances.
  18. Be careful about being alone with someone of the opposite sex.
  19. At the end of the day, take time to find the best of the day.
  20. Always preach as if you are preaching Christ’s eulogy.
  21. Never tell God never!
  22. Sunday comes every week.
  23. The grass isn’t always greener . . . Except over the field lines.
  24. Sometimes you gotta know what the answer is not.
  25. Never lose passion for God’s pattern.
  26. When you are anxious, remember that you might be in God’s waiting room.
  27. One day you will be a great preacher.
  28. Don’t preach or teach something until you are convicted of what you are about to teach.
  29. Be involved with people.
  30. Pick your battles. You don’t have to win every one.
  31. Sometimes people need a shove or a nudge? Most of the time a nudge works fine.
  32. Be student of the word.
  33. Sometimes the best thing to say is “nothing.”
  34. A stack of Bibles won’t do you any good if you don’t do what it says.
  35. Use the mud people sling at you to make a platform to rise above them.
  36. The application of scripture makes all the difference, it means what it says.
  37. If the numbers increase, don’t take the credit, you don’t want the blame if they decrease.
  38. When you get up to preach, preach as if the crowd is larger.
  39. Practice what you preach.
  40. If you can do anything else do it.
  41. Never preach at the brethren, preach the word, God will take care of the rest.
  42. It is not about you.
  43. If you don’t never get started, you will never finish.
  44. Pray, Preach, and Pray.
  45. If it is worth your time, it is worth 100% effort.
  46. Study, study, and when you are through, study some more.
  47. Learn to forgive.
  48. If you want to be successful, find the Lord’s way and walk therein.
  49. Never feel content with what you know.
  50. Spend time at home with family.
  51. If you fight with a skunk long enough, you will stink.
  52. Be normal, don’t get out of touch with reality.
  53. Determine to not let someone be better to you than you are to them.
  54. Your way probably won’t work, look for God’s way.
  55. You are only as good as your worst sermon.
  56. Refuse to be shocked by what people say to you.
  57. Meet new folks.
  58. If you think you can’t, you can’t, if you think you can, you can.
  59. Don’t let them let you do everything.
  60. God created you with two ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as you talk.
  61. There is a way that is right that can’t be wrong.

Comment below by answering these two questions:

  1. Which of this advice is something you need to remember?
  2. What advice or bits of wisdom would you add?


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