Committing to Your Spouse

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Commitment is key to a great marriage. Most of us in our vows made a promise to “keep ourselves to our spouse until death parts us.” However, in my observation, many couples struggle to follow through. Do you want a great marriage? Do you intend to stay together. Here are four – count them – only Four Steps for Maintaining Commitment in Your Marriage*:

  1. Make and take very specific steps toward the goals and dreams you have together.
  2. NEVER take your spouse for granted nor neglect your relationship.
  3. Daily recommit yourself to your spouse.
  4. Pray to God asking Him to help you in your commitment and pray for your spouse as well.

There you have it.  Now put it into practice.

BTW: Substitute Christ for your spouse and you have a four good points on how to be committed as a Christian.

– Scott

*adapted from H. Norman Wright, So You are Getting Married, (1985) p 11

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