Lessons from My Parents

I can honestly say, that I deeply appreciate my parents. I know there were times when I did not know how much I appreciated them and would have denied any appreciation (I was a child / teenager after-all). Yet even during those times, I did appreciate them. One of the things I appreciate most are the lessons (expectations) they taught (set for) us. Below is a list of ten that I am trying to pass to the next generation (Melissa, Melanie, Andrew, Alexandra, and Victoria – pay attention):

  1. Love your spouse unconditionally, remove the word “divorce” form your marriage
    Circa 1977, I'm in the middle.  I miss that Sports Coat.

    Circa 1977, I’m in the middle. I miss that Sports Coat.

    vocabulary. Kiss every day – many times a day.

  2. Respect your parents.  Even when you have children of your own.
  3. Help around the house. I am the middle of three boys, we all learned to cook, clean, wash clothes, etc.
  4. Education is important.  Stay in school and do your best.
  5. Yard work will not kill you. Neither will a part-time job.
  6. Enjoy life – laugh.
  7. Laugh at yourself.
  8. If you can dish it out, you had better be able to take it.
  9. Practice what you preach.
  10. Love GOD above all and most of all!

Now keep the lessons going.  Pass them on to the next generation and the one after that.

2008 L-R Charles, duck, Doug, Scott (me).

2008 L-R Charles, duck, Doug, Scott (me).

– Scott

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