Five Dangers Teens and College Students Need to be Aware of

This is for pre-teens, teens, college students, young adults, and anyone else this might apply to:

Five Dangers of Premarital Sex.

  1. Counterfeit love – it will not last. We will not grow together intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually
  2. Emotional Consequences. Studies are showing many emotional problems of young adults and adolescence.
  3. Physical Consequences.  Five in curable venereal diseases (std’s) cause by sexual immorality.  There is no safe sex outside of monogamous marriage.
  4. Marital Consequences.  Bringing extra baggage and emotional scars into an already difficult relationship. How can each spouse know the other will be true.
  5. Spiritual Consequences.  God will forgive, but there are still consequences.

How Do You Stay Pure?

  1. Protect your mind both the eye gate and the ear gate are important.  Pornography and explicit literature are gateway drugs.
  2. Decide in advance a predetermined decision to stay pure!
  3. Don’t date anyone that does not follow the same decision.

Too late?! – “Go . . . and sin no more.”

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