The Issue Answered

  • This morning the radio personalities shared a report of the death of a paparazzi who was pursuing a certain celebrity.
  • Sixteen years ago paparazzi shared some blame when their chase for the million dollar picture resulted in the death of an international celebrity.
  • Students are finishing school without the necessary tools (education) to compete in the college and job market of today. Some even graduate barely able to read.
  • The military is turning away volunteers and recruits because young people are not healthy and are too heavy.
  • Young adults leave home and leave the church. Turning their back on God and the faith of their parents.
  • Government spending is out of control and taxes are becoming a greater burden.

Who is to blame? I have an answer. One you may not like. The blame does not lie with the paparazzi, the celebrities, the schools, school lunches, the church, or elected officials. Before I answer let’s return to the very beginning. Adam blamed Eve and God and Eve blamed the serpent. But ultimately, Adam learned he was at fault. Eve learned she was at fault. And God punished Satan for his role as well.

My answer?

  • The blame stops with you and me.

Who ME

If we would not buy the magazines or watch the shows that buy the images and video the paparazzi sell, then there would be no paparazzi. If we as parents would take on the role of education when our children are young, preparing them for school in the preschool years, assisting them in their learning as they mature through grade school, and provide an encouraging environment for learning at home then they will have high success in and after school. If we teach our children healthy eating habits and physical activities at home we will support the efforts of schools to provide better nutrition and exercise. If we live our faith at home our children will see the importance of faith, and will be more likely to remain faithful as adults. If we want government to spend less and tax less, we as voters need to vote for smaller government and do our best to provide for ourselves and not expect a big government to supply our needs.

One more story.

A seven year old crosses the road to wait for a ride to school. As he crosses the road a twenty year old college student hits the brakes, but is too late and her car strikes the unprotected seven year old, while his twelve year old brother helplessly watches the events unfold. Who is to blame? The twenty year old going 30 in a 25 mph zone? The twelve year old for not stopping his brother from crossing the street? The mother of these two boys for staying home with their infant brother and not standing with them as they waited for a ride? Of the seven year old who darted out in front of the moving car? This nearly forty-six year old will tell you that on that May morning nearly 39 years ago, he was that 7 year old and he knew then and knows now that if he had waited one more minute or looked one more time to the left he would have saved a young driver, a preteen brother, and a mother of three boys from feelings guilt.

Ultimately, the responsibility for each of our lives comes back to each individual. The answer is not blaming the other person, the answer always starts by looking at yourself.

– Scott

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