Nehemiah and Leadership

While studying for tonight’s class on Nehemiah, I came across these notes on my iPad from a sermon by Jim Faughn on April 17 of this year Great stuff here!

Jim Faughn, Blackwater-Macedonia CofC.

1. Character– Nehemiah was cupbearer to thnking, a entrusted and honored position.
2. Compassion – he showed Concern over Jerusalem, he ASKED about Jerusalem
3. Contemplative – he believed in preparation and “prayer” – peration. He knew how long he would be gone and that he needed a letter of recommendation. He thought about what he wanted to do and he made plans accordingly. This required faith that his prayer would be an
4. Convicted – Neh 6:3 answered affirmatively.
5. Coordinated Effort- Neh 3:1 note that these people were working close to their house, others who lived away from the wall where no houses were, others near their business. No people’s talents and interests and use them accordingly.
6. Cooperates – notice the use of “we” and the list of nobles or leaders. They were all working. Neh 4:6, 15
7. Commends – chapter three lists the names of the workers
8. Corrects – Neh 5:1
9. Consistent – he treated all fairly and the same, courting the wrong and encouraging the right.
10. Confident– Nehemiah knew the work could be accomplished. Neh 2:19-20

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