Still True!

Recently someone handed me a Xerox of an issue of The Seed Sower.  The Seed Sower was the first bulletin produced at Parrish Church of Christ, where I serve as minister.  This copy has the following information under the title:  Vol. 1 Parrish, Ala. May 9, 1946 No. 1.  This is a copy of  the very first issue!  There are some good articles and reminders in this little paper.  One section entitled Rambling Thoughts asks the following:

  • Why see a long life?  Christ had a short one.
  • Why live in luxury?  Christ lived and died poor.
  • Why live in pleasure?  Christ pleased not himself.
  • Why seek fame?  Christ made himself of no reputation.
  • Why live in ease?  Chris suffered for all the scourage (sic) and shame of the cross.

On the bottom left corner are hand-drawn cartoons of mules. One is kicking and the caption reads: “A mule cannot pull while he is kicking.  Neither can we pull much while we are too critical of men.”  The second mule is pulling a load and the caption reads: “Neither can a mule kick when he is pulling.  Neither can we spend much time in kicking if we are busy praying, exhorting, etc.”

Still true!

– Scott

Front page of Vol 1 No 1 of The Seed Sower

Back page Vol 1 No 1

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