When Father’s Cry

Me with Andrew 15 years ago!

I have had a number of fathers cry while talking to me. Watching these men (strong men I look up to) cry started me thinking about the reasons why fathers cry.

Six main reasons fathers cry:

  1. Birth of child.
  2. School – that day you drop them off at Pre-school or kindergarten.
  3. When their children are hurting physically or emotionally.
  4. When their disobey and rebel.
  5. When their children leave the nest (I have seen as many fathers crying at weddings as I have mothers).
  6. When they come home (cf. Luk 15:7).

God is our Father who cries:

  1. When a child is born into His family. (Joh 3:5 – new birth; 3Jo 4; 2Th 2:19-20).
  2. When we enter the school of life (Mat 10:5ff).
  3. When we are hurt (Psa 18:1-6; Luk 7:11-14).
  4. When we disobey (Luk 15:11ff; Gal 1:6-7).
  5. When we rejoice (Rom 12:15; Isa 62:5; Joh 15:11; Psa 35:27).
  6. When we come home (Luk 15:7, 10, 20-24).

Are God’s tears for you, tears of joy or tears of heartbreak?

– Scott

Me ON Andrew’s back this year.

3 thoughts on “When Father’s Cry

  1. Here are some comments from FaceBook:
    Amy: “Great thoughts!! Those are two of my favorite pictures, too!”

    Dianne: “really good thoughts Scott. Funny you talk about crying. I am very emotional especially when it comes to family. I called Ray the other day and I was telling him about mom and how poorly she was doing. I could tell he was crying. Kim called me later and Ray had talked to her and he said his eyes were sweating.lol. He has cried many times and is not ashamed of it. tks for the thoughts”

    Wanda: “this made me cry just reading it. I don’t thank you enough for doing such a wonderful job spreading Gods word. Thank you for sharing your blog, I read just about all of them. I can honestly say I cry a LOT more than I should but GOD has given me a tender heart. Thanks for sharing and hope you don’t mind me sharing your work with others.”

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