Summer Series: Uplifting Influence

Last night was week two of our Summer Series. Jim Lampley who serves as the Youth Minister at 9th Avenue Church of Christ in Haleyville, Al was the guest speaker. His topic was: Uplifting Influence. Below are the notes I took on my iPad as he spoke.

Everyone around us including us have influence.

Influencing the world seems to great a task, how can I change the world?
Start Small and Change those around us by our actions.

World changers go against the crowd.
Jesus the Christ is the supreme example.
We remember those who stand out because they are different.

Christ’s Message – Stand Out

Mat 5:13-16

Taste-how can salt be good if it has no taste.
We are to flavor the world

Light is essential for life.
Light guides.
One light makes a difference in the dark.

Can we make a difference? How?
Four things we need

1. KnowledgeAct 18:24-28

2. Fervency2Co 9:2-3
Two dangers
Rom 10:1-4 zeal w/o knowledge
Rev 3:15-17 knowledge w/o zeal

3. Accuracy
Act 18:24-25
2Ti 2:14-16

One truth
One life
One way

4. Courage
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
What scares you? What if these above lacked courage?
It is easy to stand for nothing and go along with the crowd.

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