What an Example

This past Friday, Amy took the MAT at the University of Alabama as she continues her education with the goal of a Masters Degree in Education. Since Andrew was helping his grandfather with a construction project, I took the day to go with Amy so we could eat out and shop together. While she was taking the hour long test, I spent time in a campus coffee shop, bookstore, and in a commons area.

Spring of this year is bringing some early warm temperatures and many (might I say most) young ladies were wearing less clothing than I consider prudent. Their choices revealed more than necessary. The only exceptions were students working in official capacities for the admissions department. I was highly disappointed these young women.

After we left the testing enter, we were driving across campus and I noticed a college student who was dressed in jeans and t-shirt about to cross an intersection on foot. I thought, “wow, here’s a modestly dressed young lady.” I was glad to know that this student refused to bow to the pressure of immodesty. It was then I realized, I knew this young lady. She is from the county I live in and attends a local congregation of God’s people. She is active in Christian youth events and with an area Christian Youth Camp. I admit that I felt a bit proud to know such a positive example. I have already told her, but I wanted you to know.

Thank you for demonstrating what Paul tells the young man, Timothy, “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” (1Ti 4:12).

To the rest of us; we may at times feel anonymous. We may feel as if no one will know. I am sure this young person did not get up that morning at college and think that a preacher from her home county would drive by and see her on campus that day. But in truth we never know who will see, and we always know that God witnesses our actions.

Someone said, “character is who you are when you think no ones watching.”. Who are you?

– Scott

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