Today is . . . well Today.

Sometimes we fall into the habit of failing to appreciate the present.  Sometimes we reflect too

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much time on the past when it was “the good ol’ days.”  At other times we focus our attention to the future when things will be better, and we will have more to appreciate.  We also regret the past and are anxious about the future.

We need to learn to live one day at a time, to seize the day while it is today.  There are opportunities to serve – TODAY.  There are people to encourage – TODAY.  There are blessings from God to enjoy – TODAY.  Forget about yesterday.  Do not wait until tomorrow.  Decide what type of person you want to be TODAY!

Everyday we live there are opportunities and blessings.  Everyday we live is a day to enjoy.  The Hebrew writer quotes the same phrase from Psalms three times in two chapters, “Today if you hear His voice . . .”  In the middle of those quotes in Hebrew 3:13 he says, “But exhort one another everyday, as long as it is called, “today,” . . . “

  • Take time to serve someone in some small or grand way – TODAY.
  • Take time to show someone appreciation – TODAY.
  • Take time to reflect on God’s blessings – TODAY.

What will you do with today?

2 thoughts on “Today is . . . well Today.

  1. Today is all we have! Have to admit though that I have spent too much time regretting the past and anxious about tomorrow. I am learning to enjoy today. Thankful for every blessing.

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