Top Posts of 2011

This is my last SCHEDULED blog for 2011.  I may write a couple more, but only if I have something really important to say.

However, before I sign off for the year, I wanted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and to let you know I am praying for a prosperous New Year for you.  Prosperous in a fiscal and spiritual way.  As I pray for God to bless you, please pray for me and my family as we continue to serve the Lord and His people.

The title says Top Posts of 2011.  This is an “in case you missed it” post that lets you see what I wrote that many thought worthy of reading.  Here the top five, from least of the most viewed to the most viewed.

5. A short blog inspired by the events of a Wednesday night adult Bible Class: Children, Parents, and Patience.

4. A post on one of my favorite topics – Marriage.  This resulted from all the extreme marriage proposals and overly priced weddings I keep hearing of: Make Marriage Matter.

3. The most recent post on this list is one about the holidays.  How can we keep a balance as a Christians during the Christmas season? Keep Happy in Holidays.

2. This poetic post resulted from something that gets under my skin.  The abbreviations that many use in texting, on social media, and micro-blogging sometimes reflect a lack of respect for people, what I thought was common decency, and God: OMG!

1. This post is not only the Top Post for 2011, but shockingly it is the Top Post ever.  This one surprised me, but maybe it should not have.  We are good at dishonesty, and this post talks about Ten Common Lies.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful year end and new beginning.

– Scott

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