A- Hymns (ahem)

People’s Favorite Hymns, by job title.

1. Dentist: Crown Him with Many Crowns
2. Meteorologist: When the Storm Passes Over
3. Contractor: The Church’s One Foundation
4. Tailor: Holy, Holy, Holy
5. Politician: Standing on the Promises
6. IRS (Tax Collector): I Surrender All
7. Realtor: I’ve Got a Mansion, Just Over the Hill Top
8. Optometrist: Open My Eyes
9. Electrician: Send the Light
10. Astronomer: Can You Count the Stars of Evening

Bonus Hymn Puns: Hymns to play as you drive:
45 mph – God will Take Care of You
55 mph – Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah
65 mph – Nearer My God to Thee
75 mph – Nearer Still Nearer
85 mph – Soon and Very Soon
95 mph – Lord, I’m Coming Home
105 mph – Precious Memories


4 thoughts on “A- Hymns (ahem)

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    • Thanks,

      Not sure why we do not sing more psalms other than we lack the tradition.

      Psalms (or parts of Psalms) I have song in worship Psalm 1
      Psalm 4 (Hear me when I call)
      Psalm 8
      Psalm 11 (The Lord is in His Holy Temple)
      Psalm 15 (is the basis of “We Shall Assemble” The psalmist asks, ‘who will assemble?”)
      Psalm 18 (different “youth songs” take certain phrases)
      Psalm 19:7-10
      Psalm 23 (at least three or four different songs)
      Psalm 34 (Glorify the Lord with Me)
      Psalm 42
      Psalm 51 (two songs)
      Psalm 61
      Psalm 63 (Acapella’s Better than Life)
      Psalm 89:1
      Psalm 95:1-5
      Psalm 98:1 (Marvelous things)
      Psalm 100
      Psalm 105:1-3
      Psalm 121:1-2 (My Help comes from the Lord)
      Psalm 137 (By the Waters of Babylon)
      Psalm 148 (two or three different songs)

      We need gifted musicians to write the music and lyricist to make them more lyrical for our language.

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