A- Hymns (ahem)

People's Favorite Hymns, by job title. 1. Dentist: Crown Him with Many Crowns 2. Meteorologist: When the Storm Passes Over 3. Contractor: The Church's One Foundation 4. Tailor: Holy, Holy, Holy 5. Politician: Standing on the Promises 6. IRS (Tax Collector): I Surrender All 7. Realtor: I've Got a Mansion, Just Over the Hill Top … Continue reading A- Hymns (ahem)

Singing and Understanding

Recently, Cole's dad, Rick shared a very interesting story with me.  But first let me give you some background.Rick grew up attending a charismatic church, that uses popular style musical accompaniment, soloists, choirs, etc. in worship.  Rick was one of the soloists.  Rick married, Gina who grew up attending a non-denominational acapella Church of Christ.  Rick attended … Continue reading Singing and Understanding