Some People

An avid hunter, Bill was looking for a proven bird dog. After contacting someone who placed an advertisement in the paper with a dog for sale, Bill met the man for a hunt to see the dog in action. Bill shot at two ducks that landed on the lake. He watched as the dog ran across the top of the lake retrieved the first duck, and returned the same way. The dog repeated the same for the second bird. Bill bought the dog.

Later that day he called his friend, Steve, and invited him to go bird hunting the following Friday. Bill was ready to show off his dog.

While Steve and Bill were hunting, Bill intentionally shot a bird over the water. When the bird landed mid-lake, Steve laughed and said Bill had lost that bird. “Wait and see,” said Bill. He gave a whistle and his new dog ran across the lake to fetch the bird and ran back on top of the water to lay it at Bill’s feet. “What do you think about my dog?” asked Bill.

Steve shook his head, looked down and said, “You wasted your money, you bought a dog that can’t swim.”

Do you know someone like Steve? Do you know someone who seems to stay in the objective mood and kickative tense? Maybe after a deep look at self, you admit you are like Steve. May I remind you to season your words with grace? May I remind you to speak to build people up and not to tear them down? May I remind you of the attitude of Christ that should be in us?

– Scott

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