Long Lost Psalm


Psalm 23.2011.01-02


The TV is my shepherd.

Entertainment is my want.

It makes me sit down and do nothin for the sake of it’s sponsors,

For it presents me with shows I am told I must see.
It restores my knowledge of the things of this world
And keeps informed of the news.
It leads me in the path of idleness,
And prevents me from serving God.
Yes, if I live to be 100,
I will keep on watching TV
For it is my closest companion

It sound and pictures comfort me.

It presents me with entertainment,

And limits my family time.

It fills my head with ideas

Contrary to the Word of God.

Surely nothing of good will come of my life

As I seek to be entertained,

Unless I follow the True Shepherd,

At His coming I will be ashamed.


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