Top Ten of 400 posts

This post is number 400 on the Morning Drive.  My first blog was Blogger Newbie on February 25, 2009.  399 posts and over 14,000 views later I want to share the ones you visited the most:  Here are the Top Ten Most Viewed Morning Drive Posts:

10. Make Marriage Matter with 120 views

9. Project 7 Days (this group is in reorganization) with 125 views

8. Rain Drops Keep Falling with 126 views

7. Children, Parents, and Patience with 127 views

6. What is Ministry with 196 views

5. Expository Outline on Colossians 1:15-20 with 224 views

4. Ten Common Lies with 241 views

3. Rain with 476 views

2. OMG! with 716 views (This post also generated the most comments – 29 comments including my replies.  If you did not read this one you may find it interesting.)

and 1. Parable of the Mountain Lion with 732 views

Thanks for reading.

– Scott

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