Staying Safe

Last night as Amy, Andrew, and I were headed home from our mid-week services, I noticed blue, red, and yellow lights crowded in the intersection 1/2 mile behind me.  Since services had let out, Amy and I both thought we should turn around and check out the scene to see if it was someone from our congregation or someone local we knew.  Our thoughts were that we could help or stay with them while the police and fire checked and cleared the scene.  As we pulled around the accident, we recognized the Ford Explorer and the family of two adults and six children (ages 2-14).  They were from church and the 14 year old is Andrew’s best friend.  We pulled off to the side and stayed with them.  Everyone was O.K. physically.  One or two of the smaller children were understandably upset.  But SEAT-BELTS saved lives.  Everyone in their SUV wore a seatbelt or was in a car seat.

This family was at the stop sign when a smaller SUV hit them in the rear-end only hitting the breaks just before the impact.  According to officials at the scene the driver who caused the accident had open containers of alcohol, a bag of pills open on the passenger seat, a mostly empty bottle of codeine, along with marijuana.

Wreckers took both vehicles away.  The driver of the rear vehicle received a ride in a police cruiser.  One of our deacons, who also stopped, gave me a ride to the building to get the church van.  Our friends rode home in the van.  Again, although they may be sore today, SEAT-BELTS saved them from major injuries.

This blog is not about seat-belts, traffic accidents, or moving violations.  My thoughts keep going back to “staying safe.”  All of us (most of us) want to remain safe from physical harm, so we do what we can to protect ourselves.  Very few intentionally place themselves in harm’s way just for the fun of it.  If we take such care for our physical bodies, what do we do for our spiritual selves?  Is there such thing as a spiritual seat-belt?

I believe the answer is, “Yes.”  The Psalmist says, “Your Word I have stored in my heart . . .” and “My help comes from the Lord.”  Paul reminds us that every temptation comes with a safe way out (1 Cor 10:13).

Stay Safe!

– Scott

2 thoughts on “Staying Safe

  1. The other day we sat down to a meal. The corn was grown by a church member, picked by another yet it was on our table. The tomatoes were grown and picked by other members, but on my plate. Corn and vegetables from others were fresh and within reaching distance. Our meal was completely kindness from friends. When you have a wreck, you get out and church members are there with anything you need. From holding a baby to arresting (for his own good) the unfortunate other person. A church van shows up, takes you home. Others offer vehicles to get you through. We are safe and well taken care of by our church family and God’s kindness towards us. My goal is to somehow repay the kindness shown to us although that task is one that will never fully be accomplished. I thank God for the Church and His safe keeping toward us.

    • Brady, I am so glad we could all be ther for you. I also understand about the meals. We have been enjoying fresh veggies as well, thanks to so many at Parrish. I hopes everyone is still doing o.k. This morning.

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