Would You Choose Hell?

No matter what someone says to your or where they tell you to go; NO man can send you to Hell.  Filp Wilson claimed “the devil made me do it.”  Dana Carvey as the Church Lady would surmise, “Could it be  . . . Satan?”  But in reality hell is your choice.  My mom reminded us often, “No one can make you do anything but die!”

Paul tells us in 1 Tim 2:4, “(God) desires all men to be saved.”  Peter says much the same thing in 2 Pet 3:9, “God is not willing that any should perish. . .”  Paul copan in Is god a Moral Monster picks up this idea and rightly suggests, “Hell itself is the act of self-exclusion from God, the final act of self-assertion and control.”

To say this concept another way if we find ourselves eternally in hell, we received our choice.  How does one go about choosing hell over heaven?

  1. Ignore God’s Love – Jn 3:16
  2. Ignore God’s Word
  3. Ignore the Good News – Rom 1:16
  4. Ignore your conscience
  5. They want to bear their troubles alone.
  6. They choose to die without hope.
I am not sure why one would choose hell over heaven, but there are those who do and will.
– Scott

2 thoughts on “Would You Choose Hell?

  1. A Sunday School teacher one told us about Hell as God making our own choices permanent. So maybe we think ignoring God is a temporary choice, but our hearts are hardened and the choice is permanent?

    • Jeff, Your teacher had a good way of stating the truth that God allows us to choose to follow Him of to choose not to follow Him. He gives us the results (consequences) of both up-front, but we still have the choice.

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