God’s Steadfast Love

Psalm 136 repeats the following phrase 26 times in 26 verses: “. . . for His steadfast love endures forever.”  The KJV translates the phrase as “For His mercy endures forever.”  When reading this psalm one cannot help but walk away knowing that God cares and that that care (mercy – steadfast love) endures.  There are three reasons the psalmist gives for praising and thanking God for His steadfast enduring love.  These reasons are:

  1. Because God is good and He is the Self-Sufficient One.
  2. Because of what God did and continues to do for His people.
  3. Because of His redemption of mankind.
When reflecting on Psalm 136, Spurgeon suggested that since God’s “mercy endures forever, our praise should endure forever: if His goodness never ceases, our thanksgiving should never be silent.”
Take time to praise and thank God today — Now is a good time.  Remember, “His mercy is endures forever” and it is “new every morning (Lam 3:23).”
– Scott

2 thoughts on “God’s Steadfast Love

  1. Hi Scott, if you are knowledgeable in Hebrew you might do a study of “hesed”, which I think is the word here. It is a powerful concept that leads straight to Jesus. I would like to see some in-depth work on that word.

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