Growth Formula

There are a number of reasons why I love the church family that assembles in Parrish.  These reasons include, but are not limited to:  1) a great family atmosphere, 2) really good singing, 3)  we are very friendly, 4) we seem to possess a willingness to help others, 5) we love the Lord.  I will say it again, “This family is great.” But we can be better!

 Paul speaks of being indebted or obligated to the church in Rom 1:14. We are indebted to the church because we owe Christ. Here are some ideas of what we each owe the local assembly (church) that will help us grow.

We Help Growth by Paying the Debt of Living Pure Lives

  • We need the respect of the community to grow and that starts with each of us as individuals.
    • Titus 2:11-12
  • If all your neighbor(s) or co-workers know about the church is you, what do they think of us?

Help Growth by Paying the Debt of Being Friendly

  • Visitors need to feel welcome
    • They should know our appreciation and love.
  •  Don’t stand back and let someone else greet visitors. (Young people help by speaking to visiting youth).
  • Heb 13:2

Help Growth by Paying the Debt of Fully Supporting our Leaders

  • Effective leaders are a blessing to any congregation – we are blessed.
  • Members can make of break leadership.
    • Heb 13:17.

Help Growth by Paying the Debt of Promoting Unity

  • 1 Pet 3:8-12
    • Unity of Mind
    • Sympathy for each other
    • Brotherly love
    • Having a tender Heart
    • Havening and Humble Mind
    • Not being vindictive
    • Blessing each other.

Help Growth by Paying the Debt of Working Hard at Being a Soul Saver

  • The church exists to seek and save the lost.
    • Starts with simply letting non-Christian friends and family know why you are a Christian and how you came to Christ.
    • Prov 11:30

In Order to:

  • Live a Pure Life,
  • Be Friendly,
  • Sully Support our Leaders,
  • Promote Unity, and
  • Save Souls . . . we must  First Live a Life of Full Surrender
    • Lk 14:26-27.

4 thoughts on “Growth Formula

  1. As visitors to Parrish Church of Christ, we would like to encourage your congregation. Everyone has given us an outstanding and warm greeting each time we have visited. You have really made us feel at home. Thank you for reminding us of the love of Christ! Keep up His good work! We will strive to do the same. God bless.

    • Mike and Kate, We are always glad to have you here when you are in town. We are looking forward to your finishing the house and settling in way down here in the Deep South.

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