An Effort at Recovery

Andrew helps stack relief supplies Tuscaloosa

I certainly have no reason to complain about the recent storms in our area and state. My house, family, and immediate church family escaped relatively unscathed. This is not everyone’s case. I have at least two friends in the county who lost their entire home. Over the last 12 days I had the privileged of being a servant to many who lost everything. My thoughts and focus still remain on those who are in the process of recovery. I can only imagine the overwhelming nature of what lies ahead for them.

If you want to help, but do not know what to do here are some suggestions:

  1. Contact a local church or “faith-based” group in the impacted area(s) and ask.
  2. Show up at scheduled work days to help remove debris. A number of groups including TV and radio stations are heading up some of these efforts.
  3. Show up to work. Do not come just to see the damage. Either work or please get out of the way.
  4. Donations.  Monetary donations are still the best option.  Groups and churches in the area do not have room to store lots of dry goods and foods, but they can go buy what they know people need.
  5. PRAYER.  The recovery effort will continue.  Emotions will swing from denial, anger, depression, and even survivor’s guilt.  People are hurting and will continue to hurt.  Remember them when you pray.
If you need a contact in the impacted area(s) leave a comment concerning what you want to do to help and I will do my best to get you in touch with the right people
– Scott

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