Kindness at BP

Because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 many people are down on BP.  Admittedly, they did create and do have a public relations problem on the corporate level.  However, I saw something Tuesday that has the potential to restore hope in people.

I parked at the BP station in downtown Jasper, Alabama to get a bag of Peanut M&M’s and a Coke.  An elderly lady sat in her car, her walker in the back seat, while a woman much younger than her pumped gas.  I did not really take it all in until the younger woman came back into the store only to stand behind the counter.  This is not a “full service” station.  She did not have to leave the cash register and help that lady pump gas, and I would think take change back out to her, but she did.

I thanked her for her kindness to the elderly lady.  She played it off as nothing, that anybody would do that.  I think anybody should, but regretfully, I think this lady is an exception.  Her actions did restore my hope in people.  I duly noted her influence and I pass her story along to you.  She put into practice the “golden rule.”

How will you follow her lead today?

– Scott

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