Lessons from Ruth

Lessons from Ruth

Chronological Series – BSMc – April 10, 2011

Overview of Ruth

  • During time of Judges, Elimelech and Naomi travel to Moab fleeing a famine.
    • They have two sons – Mahlon and Chilion
    • Elimelech dies living widow and two sons.
    • Mahlon marries Ruth from Moab, Chilion marries Orpah.
    • Mahlon and Chilion both die – now three widows.
  • Naomi believes God is punishing her – Ruth 1:13, 20-21.
    • She plans to return home
    • Orpah stays, Ruth wants to go with Naomi – Ruth 1:14-18.
  • Naomi and Ruth Come to Bethlehem
    • Ruth gleans in Boaz’s field
    • Boaz cares for them.
    • Boaz becomes Ruth and Naomi’s redeemer-kinsman. Marries Ruth.
    • Ruth and Boaz are the great-grandparents of David.

Lesson One: Choices and Consequences

  • Elimelech and Naomi chose to leave home during famine.
    • Good business decision
    • Resulted in death of Elimelech and sons in a foreign nation.
  • Ruth chose to follow Naomi
    • Left family and native religion for God and His people (family)
    • Mk 10:29-30.
  • Pelagius – 354 – 440 AD – humans are sinners by choice, they are therefore criminals who need the atonement of Jesus Christ. Sinners are not victims, they are criminals who need pardon.
  • Choices are not always “right / wrong” but “good / better”
    • God can and will bless our choices if:
    • Matt 6:33 seek first
    • Rom 8:28 love His appearing

Lesson Two: Humility

  • Ruth 2:1-7
  • Gleaning was God’s care for the needy, the traveler, etc.
    • Lev 19:9-10
    • Deut 24:19-22

  • Her humility brought about Boaz’s kindness
    • Lunch with workers
    • Stay in his fields alone
    • Protected from harm
    • Workers told to “drop” extra
    • Approx.. 40 lbs of grain from gleaning.
  • Naomi’s realization – Ruth 2:20 – God has not forsaken me.
  • God has a place in His heart for the humble – 1 Pet 5:5-7.

Lesson Three: Light in Darkness

  • Ruth’s story occurs during the time of the Judges.
    • Jdg 21:23

  • Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz seem to follow God
    • Not all (everyone) was in the wrong all the time.
  • Learn to live right among people who seem to follow self instead of God.
    • Eph 5:7-12
    • Matt 5:13-16

2 thoughts on “Lessons from Ruth

  1. I’m not one to superimpose Christology on the Old Testament, but the symbolism of a “redeemer” from Bethlehem is hard to overlook.

    I use chapter 4 when talking about the cultural distance between us and the Bible. We’re far removed from:
    • transactions being done by finding the elders at the city gate
    • real estate deals including obligation to marry
    • exchange of footwear as a legally binding action

    Good stuff in Ruth.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

    • I mentioned the kinsmen-redeemer only in passing. I could have spent a good bit of time on Christology in that section. Not sure that this is a type/antitype situation but there are obvious parallels. Thanks for reading.

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