Sermon from Joshua 6

Journey through Jericho

Chronological Series – BSMc

April 3, 2011


  • On west side of Jordan, not far from where Israel camped.
  • A walled city – 2 walls 14ft apart connected by beams.
  • Houses (like Rahab’s) were on those beams.
  • The Lord’s command to Joshua (Josh 6:3-5)
  • If Joshua and people followed God’s lead, the walls would fall flat.

Our Ways are not God’s Ways.

  • How would you have taken Jericho?
    • Typical siege.
    • God’s ways – Is 55:8-9.
      • Blood on door post?
      • Naaman dipping in Jordan?
      • Messiah born to young working-class couple?
      • Tax-collector, fisherman, and zealots as Messiah’s companions?
      • How would man obey the gospel if left up to him?

Grace Benefits Man

  • God is full of Grace in OT too.
  • Josh 6:2
    • God gave them the city.
    • They possessed it by His GRACE.
    • Food on our table is by grace.
    • We depend on God’s goodness and grace in all of life.
    • Eph 2:4-5 – Salvation is by grace.
      • Conditions to possess Jericho were not enough to take the city w/o God.
      • Conditions of salvation CANNOT save w/o God.

What Faith Is.

  • Heb 11:30
    • Marching = fallen walls.
    • Obedience = Faith.
    • Rom 5:1
    • Faith is living, active, moving, and obedient.
      • Gal 3:26-27

God’s Way is ALWAYS Successful

  • When God attaches a promise to a command – our obedience brings fulfillment of the promise.
    • Numb 23:19
    • Heb 6:17-18

Walls in our Lives:

  • Walls of Prejudice
  • Walls of Distrust
  • Walls of Hatred
  • Wall of Callous Hearts toward God, Christ, Church.
  • Walls of Personal Sin
  • God still brings down walls.

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