Someone is Watching

Monday morning I made my regular stop at the Oakman Post Office carrying with me a stack of bills to mail.  I was a few stamps short, so I purchased 10 stamps at the counter.  “That’s $4.40.” the postal worker said while giving me ten stamps.  I handed over cash in the form of one bill.  While she counted change I began putting the stamps on the envelops.  She pulled money out of her cash drawer and began with the coins, “60 cent makes five . . .” then she handed me three five dollar bills.

“I think I handed you a $10. You gave me too much change.”  I explained.

She took a puzzled look into the cash drawer and replied, “I think you did, thank you for being honest.”

As I handed her $10 back she remarked, “Aren’t you the preacher at Parrish Church of Christ?”

After my retort of, “Yes, glad I was honest, that would have looked bad.” She explained that she recognized me from leading singing at VBS and teaching the teenage class where she attended as a teenager.  She is living in a different part of the county now, and is not faithful in attending as she was when living at home.  I did not have to say much, the guilt on her face was enough to let me know she knew she needed to refocus on Christ.  But I digress from my planned point.

You never know who is watching. You never know when you have an opportunity to be a good example.  If you and I ALWAYS live as disciples (followers, imitators) of Christ, we will leave a good impression on those around us whether we are at the mall, school, grocery store, office, pharmacy, ball game, or post office.  Maybe that is what Christ had in mind when He said, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Keep living for Christ.

– Scott

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