What We Can do for our Children

After yesterday’s post hit a pulse or a nerve, I thought i would just give a simple list of suggestions for raising children.  I am a parent of a 13 year old son — I am still learning.  But here are some suggestions that are beneficial to me now:

  1. Pray for them.

    Walking Away: Andrew age 13

  2. Pray with them.
  3. Spend time with them (Quantity time).
  4. Help them grow physically  (See that they eat healthy food – this includes fruits and vegetables).
  5. Help them grow emotionally (Listen to them and talk with them not just AT them).
  6. Help them grow spiritually (Worship together as a family and spend time at home learning more about God).
  7. Take care of their NEEDS (Wants and wishes are not needs — food, clothing, shelter, protection are needs — PS3, XBox, Wii, cellphones, computers are wants).
  8. Learn to say “no.”
  9. Learn to say “yes.”
  10. Learn to say “I love you.”  (Often!)

– Scott

2 thoughts on “What We Can do for our Children

  1. 11. Be their best friend

    One note (from an old Railroad Conductor) about the picture of Andrew walking down the railroad tracks……NEVER walk in the middle of the tracks !!! 🙂

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