Two Doors Down

I left the radio off while I drove to my study this morning.  This gave me a few moments of quiet to reflect.  But wouldn’t you know it, an old song that I do not even like was running through my head.  “Two doors down they’re laughing and singing and having a party . .  ”  Then Dolly Pardon sings, ” . . . two doors down they’re not aware that I’m around.”  I wonder, who lives two doors down from me?

Small Town Drive

To my south two doors down is a church building.  Two doors to my north is an older couple whose house in the country burned to the ground and moved into a rental house their daughter owns.  Immediately to my south is the preacher for the church beside his home.  Immediately to my north is a small family who recently moved into that rental house. Across the road from me lives a brother of one of the members at Parrish Church of Christ where I worship.  Next to him is a large lot on one side and a young family on the other.

At my house we celebrate that we have salvation through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are having a party – daily!  What about my neighbors?  Will I invite them to our party?  Or will they think think of me like Dolly Pardon sang of her neighbors, ” . . . they’re not aware that I’m around!”

N. W. Spencer wrote,

“There are hung’ring souls who cry aloud for bread

With the bread of life they’re longing to be fed.

Shall they starve and famish

While a feast is spread?

I must be more faithful

Here am I send me.”

Who are your neighbors tow doors down? Will you invite them to the feast?

– Scott

8 thoughts on “Two Doors Down

    • I think most of us struggle in getting to know our neighbors and then to reach out and confront them with the good news of Christ is a risk we struggle to take. To quote one of your Dad’s favorite songs, “Lead me to some soul today . . .” I pray it, but sometimes I overlook the opportunities God places in my life to share that message. This post was for me probably more than anyone else.

  1. Good one. I have no idea who any of my neighboors are. I can tell you what cars they drive, what football team they root for, what bass beat they most like and when they typically throw bacchanalian fests, but that’s about it. I should actually meet my neighbors.

  2. alot of times we do get caught up in our day to day lives and never think about the people next door. Thank you for the reminder.

    • Rebecca,

      I think this is what happened to most of us: Central Heat and Air. Let me explain. Live in a climate controlled house and walk out into our garage, where we are shut off from our neighbors. We keep the windows up in the car/truck because we have heat and air in them as well. We drive to our workplace and then back home to our heat and a/c. We do not sit out on the front porch or spend time outside getting to know people. We text instead of talk, email and twitter instead of sending personal letters.


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