But not for Grace!

A man awoke one morning after having a dream that disturbed him. When his wife asked what he dreamed, he related it: “I dreamed that I died but could not pass through the Pearly Gates because Peter said I had to have 1,000 points to my credit. He asked me to relate my record of religious activity on earth. I said, ‘I attended church services every Sunday.’ He said, ‘Good, that’s worth 50 points.’ Then I added, ‘I visited the sick some.’ He said, ‘Good, that’s 50 points. What else did you do?’ I said, ‘I gave to good causes.’ He replied, ‘That’s another 50 points.’ I said, ‘My points are not adding up very fast. The way you are counting them, if I get to heaven at all, it’ll be totally by the grace of God.’ Peter replied, ‘That’s great. Learning that is worth 1,000 points by itself!’

Kinda makes you think, “hhhmmmm. . .”

2 thoughts on “But not for Grace!

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