The Power of Love

If you are a teen of the eighties then you automatically thought of this song – I did when I wrote the title.  I also started missing my “Sports” cassette — I wore that one out!  But I digress.

Maybe you thought of another song that says, “The one way to peace is the power of the cross and His banner over us is love.”  Maybe you thought of a Bible verse like Romans 1:16, For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation . . .”

I do hope you thought of the cross and what God did for you there by the sacrifice of the Christ.  Our adult class on Wednesday will soon finish a study based on Charles Hodge, Jr.’s book, “The Agony and Glory of the Cross.”  The book combined with our class discussions continues to remind me of the Powerful Love of God that reached down from heaven, gave all He could give, to save a sinner like me.  Such a great, unmatched, and completely undeserved love draws the searching soul in where they find acceptance, forgiveness, grace, salvation, and a waiting eternal home with the Creator.

Dear Father, THANKS!  With all the love I can give, in Your Son and my Savior’s name . . .

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