Evangelism God’s Way

Evangelism God’s Way: Acts 8:26ff

Seven (7) step plan of Evangelism

1. Be Open to Direction: Philip went where God directed him.  We may not have the direct operation of the Holy Spirit guiding and speaking to us telling exactly where to go, but we are a very mobile society.  We are always on the move and come across many people in our daily activities.  When you travel on public transportation, when you travel by air, when you are in the bookstore, coffee shop, etc., take a careful look around and look for the opportunity to share the gospel you prayed for.

2. Watch for Seekers: The Ethiopian was reading Scripture (8:27-28), he invested time, effort, and money into religion.  He traveled to Jerusalem, taking time off work, staying away from home, eating on the road.  He had his own copy of Isaiah.  He was seeking to be right with God.  Look around you.  You will see someone who is seeking God.

3. Now Wait. Philip waited for Spirit’s nudge (8:29), while we wait for the right opportunity.  Maybe the person in the cubicle next to you has an open Bible on their desk.  Maybe you see them reading while on break.  Invite them to lunch and use the opportunity lunch or break provides to ask them what they are reading / studying in their Bible.

4. Listen to Them: Give them undivided attention (empathy). Listen to their answer.  Maybe they are going through a tough time and are looking for comfort.  Use the moment to pray with them.  Maybe they are searching the Scriptures to learn how to be a better person, husband, wife, parent, etc.

5. Ask What They are Looking For. Philip asked “Do you understand what you are reading?”8:30. If they are looking for peace, you can share with them the Prince of Peace.  If they are looking for answers to life, share with them the Way of Life.  Maybe they are lonely and looking for love, share with the the God of love.

6. Meet Them Where They are With Jesus. The Ethiopian was still in Judaism – Philip preached Christ.  If your seeker does not know Christ, start there.  If they know of Christ and profess faith; start where they are and lead them to obedience to Christ. Remember, “You cannot take people from where they are not to where they need to go.”

7. Carefully Lead them Decisive Action. Acts 8:36-38 The Ethiopian knew a decision had to be made. He acted on what Philip taught. This would be a good time to share your conversion using Scripture to show why you did what you did.  Maybe lead them with the words of Ananias to Saul of Tarsus, ‘Why are you waiting?”

Spread the Word.

– Scott

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