A Simple Touch of Jesus

I was looking at an old sermon file at a sermon from the woman with the hemorrhage of blood in Mark 5:25-34.  Preparing that sermon 19 years ago brought about this poem. — Scott

A Simple Touch of Jesus
© B. Scott McCown 1991.

In this world of trouble and crime,

Sin, death, hatred, and strife,

We need a cure to last through time.

One that will change our life.

Satan’s burdens, heavy to bear,

Toilsome, binding, not light,

We need a Friend to show His care,

To move us from wrong to right.

Such a cure came down from above,

Sent down only for us,

He healed the weak, He showed His love,

A simple touch of Jesus!

2 thoughts on “A Simple Touch of Jesus

    • When you were telling me about the sermon you had developed I felt like this would go along with it. Feel free to use it, just give me credit on this one because it is actually an original.

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