Top Ten Signs a Teenage Male is in Your House

This summer our son, Andrew, turns 13. This seems to be a turning point year for him.  He is learning to play guitar, he played Jr High Basketball, and is currently working out for football.  In the past he participated in quiz bowl events in Elementary and earned a 1st Degree Level 3 BlackBelt in TaeKwondo, but this is his first year to venture into major sports.  Amy and I realize we have a budding teenager in the house.  Here are the Top Ten Observations from the Home Front in Oakman, Alabama:

10. There are always piles of clothes to wash.
9. There is never enough food in the house.
8. Football is king.
7. You hear an instrumental cover of “Stairway to Heaven” coming from his room, when the radio is off.
6. You are accustomed to the clanging sound of free weights.
5. Fingerprints appear high above ALL doorways.
4. Two words – Body Spray!
3. The refrigerator is always open.
2. Getting his hair cut (combed) is an ordeal.
1. You learn sarcasm is a way to communicate love.

Those of you who have older sons, let me know: What are some signs I missed?  What can I look forward too?

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