Song Leader Suggestions

This Tuesday we continued our mid-week series on singing and learning more about music in worship.  David Courington continues to do a great job in his presentation.  Here are some suggestions he gave for song leaders to which I give a hearty – AMEN!

  1. Remember the three keys to success – Practice, Practice, and Practice.
  2. Speak loudly, announcing the number of the song twice.  Give the audience time to turn to the song before beginning.
  3. It is not about the song leader, but singing and worshiping God.  Avoid being a distraction.
  4. Sing loudly – The congregation will not likely sing above you.
  5. Start with confidence – Brethren will help yo, but if they think you are going to fail, they will wait and see before they follow you.
  6. Avoid the Disaster Twins: Too Low and Too Slow!
  7. Select songs that are appropriate for the occasions. (Do not lead “Ready to Suffer” just before the sermon, or “Why Not Tonight” as the morning invitation song.)
  8. Check with the preacher to see if any particular song(s) will fit with his sermon.
  9. Generally avoid new songs for Sunday morning or when many visitors are present.
  10. Do not allow the congregation to slow you down.  Keep the tempo steady.

Have great singing!


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