Monday, Monday!

We had a long busy weekend and a great week beginning. Friday and Saturday were all about a niece’s wedding shower. She is marrying a great Christian young man, whom she met at Freed-Hardeman. My wife and my mother-in-law hosted Saturday’s bridal shower which meant I was busy helping set up a fellowship hall, transporting all sorts of items in my truck, and then helping clean-up after the shower — I just thought I wanted to work in catering! Truth be known, I am privileged be a part of such a wonder family (I am speaking of my in-laws), and glad to help with all the events. Honestly, I really do like all the food prep, set-up, clean-up, and eating whatever cake is left.

Sunday was a good day. I did not preach this weekend; we had a visiting missionary at Parrish. Royce Frederick from India Missions and International Gospel Teacher was with us. He presented a great report on his work for Bible class, presented a video of the work Sunday evening, and preached a lesson on “Why I Believe That Jesus is the Christ” during our worship Sunday morning. The work he and others are doing in India is commendable, I am glad our congregation has a small part in their work. Since I was not speaking, I led the congregation in singing, they always sing so well with such great heart. I wish each of you could be here.

We also had a fellowship meal — the ladies (and men) who prepare food always go all out to make our dinners special. After evening services the elders, myself, and a couple of other church leaders had an intimate meal and fellowship with the Fredericks and the Crossleys who were also with them, at one of our elder’s homes. Great hospitality.

I guess this Monday, I am looking back at a good week and looking ahead to another one.

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