A Prayer for Today and Tomorrow

Dear Father, Creator, Sustainer, and Savior,

You are greater to me than I deserve. You provide blessings immeasurable. My words fail to express my gratitude.

Thank You for Grace. Thank You for the Grace that sent Christ to this world to die for my sin. Thank You too, for access to forgiveness that His blood provides. Thank You for washing the sins of my past away.

But I still fail.  I know I let You down.  I return to selfish thoughts and actions. I know that You are in a battle with me for me. And God, I want You to be victorious. Fight with me and help me fight against the idol of me that misleads me. Thank You for Your gracious forgiveness when I fail.

Today as I reflect on the death of so many as a result of diseases and disasters, and as I reflect on my life, help me to remember that You are my life. You are the reason for my life. You are the Designer of all that I see and know. You are the Creator of my spirit. Help me to live my life for You in Christ.

In Jesus name . . .

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