What the Preacher Wants

Every year, friends of mine in ministry look for a congregation to work with. Some are just starting out in ministry and are looking for their first position. Others have years of experience and are looking for a change (voluntarily or not). As a minster I think I can speak for what my fellow servants want. With 30+ years of experience, I think there are some things I know that we (my fellow ministers and I) want you to know about us and our desires. When a ministers has these things, he will be the best he can be.

We desire your prayers. Public and private prayers.  We covet prayers that bring God into our ministry. We want prayers for boldness to speak the truth. We desire prayers that we convey God’s Word with love and clarity.

We desire to serve. Most ministers did not enter ministry to get rich, those that do quickly find out that they should have chosen a different field. We are ministers because we want to be of service to you and foremost to God.

We want to talk about God, Christ, the Sprit, God’s Word, and the Church. This is our life and we want to share what we are learning.  But we also want to hear from you.

We long to talk about other things.  Maybe fishing, golf, hunting, football, baseball, NASCAR, our children, our gardens, good food, and other things everyone talks about.

We desire time. Time to study the Bible and the messages we deliver.  Many years ago I began calling the place I come to every day “my study” instead of “the office.”  Studying and writing is what I do in this room – it is where I am now.

We want to be with you in difficult times. We want to help people in times of trials. We want to help people know Christ and salvation. We want to help people lean on God for strength. We want to be Christ’s fellow worker on earth. We want to be with you when you want us there, but we cannot know you want us there unless you let us know. Please let us know when you are having surgery or would like us to stop by for a visit.

We appreciate you.  Through the years Christians have blessed me and my family in so many ways. I am indebted to Christians for help with my house, cars, family emergencies, and regular encouragement.

I am sure there is more, but I leave that to my fellow ministers to add.

– Scott

4 thoughts on “What the Preacher Wants

  1. Thanks for sharing this Scott. Should make us all think more about the needs of our (teacher) and his family instead of grumbling about nothing in particular. Thanks for sharing. Oh, I do pray for you and Amy and Andrew.

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