This is Grace

This coming month our lessons at Central will focus on the Revolutionary Grace that God supplies in Christ. As I was previewing some material, I recalled this poem I wrote in 2012.

This is Grace

Satan is a powerful enemy,

His mission is but to deceive.

He wants me to ignore God’s promise,

In grace he wants me not to believe.


God has promised Satan his future,

Hell is the cell of my foe.

God longs for all men to obey truth,

So to hell I need not go.


The price of sin is death say scripture,

This truly did cause me alarm.

But the free gift of God in Christ Jesus,

Is life eternal not eternal harm.


I came to the cross of the Lord Jesus,

By faith in efficacious blood.

My sin God removes by the Savior,

I’m made pure by the crimson flood.


The tomb found empty gives promise,

That one day resurrected I’ll be.

No hold has the grave nor does Satan,

Over the promise between God and me.

© B. Scott McCown / 02.20.2012

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