The Grace of Thanks

When is the last time someone sincerely told you thanks? Maybe they told you in person, or maybe they sent a note or card in the mail; whatever method they chose, you felt blessed.

When was the last time you told someone thank you? You know how receiving thanks makes you feel, have you blessed another by saying thanks? Here are some people to start with:

  1. A teacher, whether your own or one of your children’s teachers. They put in great effort to educate your child. Tell them thanks. Especially those extremely special teachers.
  2. The one(s) who taught you the good news of Christ. Paul says in Romans that they have beautiful feet, in other words, they took effort to bring the message to you. Tell them thanks.
  3. Your spouse. Of all the people in your circle this is the one who puts up with you the most. Maybe I am just thinking of what Amy puts up with in me. Words cannot communicate how much I thank you.
  4. The cashier at the grocery, department store, or dollar store. They never get enough thanks.
  5. Whoever delivers your mail.
  6. The teller at the bank.
  7. The one who held the door for you today as you were rushing in with full hands.
  8. Your local law enforcement who protects and serves.
  9. Your local firemen, staff, and volunteers.
  10. Those who keep our country safe.
  11. The blockers and stockers at the grocery store
  12. Nurses, doctors, and other health care providers – especially during this time in the world

I’ll stop at twelve (12) and let you add to the list . . .


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