10 Things Social Distancing Taught Me

What a year! From March through September and still going on in some places, we have “stay-at-home” or “safer-at-home” guidelines from state and local governments. Some communities have strict mask wearing ordinances and some restrict different types of social gatherings. Since March Amy and I have only eaten out a couple times, we have either had delivery, take-out, cooked at home, or visited food trucks. (I did meet with another area preacher at a coffee shop – once.) Early on, we isolated at home only going out for necessities. Even church assemblies were only virtual for a few months. Now we do have limited assemblies with our church family, and when we go get groceries we mask-up, divide and conquer.

You understand! You have very similar experiences during this season of uncertainty. This period of social distancing impacted us in many ways. There are things we are doing now, that we may continue as a normal part of life. There are lessons we learned and are learning from this unusual time.

10 Things Social Distancing Taught Me.

  1. As a preacher, I learned more about video editing and production.
  2. I realized how much I enjoy being with Amy.
  3. I learned to laugh at stress more. I even recorded a few silly parody songs.
  4. I bought a Ukulele and learned a few songs.
  5. Being at home a lot reminded me that home is a great place to read. I read a few novels, a few ministry and church history books, and a few books on Christian living. I need to keep reading,
  6. We learned to explore areas close to home taking what I call “Day-cations” to The Sunflower Field in Autaugaville, Mt. Cheaha, and Red Mountain.
  7. I learned people will argue about ANYTHING on social media.
  8. Distancing taught me that social media can be a powerful too for the Kingdom of God.
  9. I remembered how much I relish the fellowship of being with and worshipping alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ.
  10. Amy and I learned how to make and can squash relish. Don’t judge! It is great on hot dogs, hamburgers, and barbecued pork sandwiches.

What has social distancing taught you?

– Scott

6 thoughts on “10 Things Social Distancing Taught Me

  1. I like your mask …

    It has taught me

    1 what life is like w/o basketball 🏀
    2. How much time it takes to check off those home projects
    3. I can social distance much longer than Tammy can …. oh yea, I knew that.
    4. All those social media things you mentioned.
    5. Some people are more productive working from home, some are not.
    I’m sure there is more.

  2. Great reminder of the positives in a bad situation. I too have eaten out very little in recent months & have lost weight. I’ve listened more to sermons & classes online from different churches of Christ. I enjoy your emails & your lessons online very much!
    I live in Michigan.

    • Thank you for reading – all the way in Michigan.

      Because we have cooked so much, I have stayed about the same – maybe even gained a little.

      Isn’t it wonderful to have access to som many lessons online!


  3. I have learned that every single closet in my house has too much junk in them. I have learned that Steve is an awesome man, even when you can’t see anyone else. I have learned that I miss seeing my brothers and sister every Sunday, twice and seeing them again on Wednesday. I truly have missed being able to hug my brothers and sister. I have learned that Hardees has awesome chicken strips but always has a long line so others must have leaned the same thing. I am ready for normalcy. But I am a patient person.

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