On this Day

September 17 has become a day of tradition. Every year for the last few years, I open Facebook and read the comments from September 17, 2016 that are on Charles’ page. Four years ago on this day was the day after Charles finished his battle with cancer and passed from this life to eternity. The comments on his profile page encourage me. I am reminded of the influence he had on so many people in many different ways and in various walks of life.

Today is a not a sad day, but it is not a jump for joy day either. It is a day to remember. A day to specifically remember Charles.

  • I think about his laughter.
  • I think about how much he loved his two girls.
  • I think about his love of rescuing people from their pain.
  • I think about his Kermit the Frog imitation.
  • I think about the time he tried to cut me off when we were riding bicycles. I redeemer the crash.
  • I remember falling out of a tree and being glad he was below me and that he landed on the cactus and not me.
  • I remember his childhood superhero alter-ego, “Super Charles.”
  • I remember how much he loved to climb trees.
  • I remember how much he loved computers.
  • I think about his white Ford Escort with neon accents and a 12″ sub woofer in the back. (This was the mid 1990’s).
  • I remember us recording a “rap” version of the Beatles’ Help. (I am glad that recording disappeared.)
  • I remember by younger brother.

I miss you, “Super Charles.”

And to those who wrote on his profile page four years ago, “Thanks for the memories.”

– Scott

One thought on “On this Day

  1. You have such awesome memories of your brother, Hold on to them!!! I spoke recently with a minister who went to college with my brother who was killed in a car wreck while a student at FHC. He told me that Jeff was one of the easiest person he had even known to talk with. I added that little tidbit to all of the memories I had. It keeps me going..

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