Psalm 8 – Weekday Psalms

I hope you do not mind the extra posts all week and that they are all videos. The social distancing that we are practicing is changing my schedule and how I spend my time.

– Scott

6 thoughts on “Psalm 8 – Weekday Psalms

  1. Thanks for brightening up my day. When I read those verses, I automatically started singing the song I sung when I was in the Freed Hardeman Chorus so many, many, many years ago. I don’t know why, but sometimes we do forget the fact that He does love us so much that He gave us a beautiful temporary home. He also will protect us. Thanks.

    • If we ar thinking of the same song, “How Majestic is Your Name”, looked for that song on iTunes to see If I could find an acapella version to use. All I found was Sandy Patty’s version.

  2. Thank you Scott, for doing this devotional every day. I hope they mean as much to other people, as they mean to me. Nice to start each day with God.

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