A Prayer for 2020

Dear God, our Father in Heaven,

We recognize You as Sovereign. We know that You hold the world in Your hands, and that our continuation rests in Your loving-kindness. We know that Your desire is that all people turn to Christ for salvation from wrath and from the dangers of sin. But as we look around us we see the influence of evil in our world.

We see hate, anger, violence, abuse, and murder. People are living for themselves with seemingly no concern and even disdain for others. Evil has people living without hope and in that hopelessness they are not reaching to You for true Hope, but in their desperation, they hurt themselves and others. Help Your people help the hopeless. Give us the boldness and desire to reach out and give others a hand up so that they can see and know You.

Father, forgive us for our selfishness. Forgive us for our inconsistencies. Help us to become more and more like Your Son as this year progresses.

In our experience we are beginning a New Year. For many this is a fresh start. Many make promises to themselves to live better lives in many different ways. Father, help us all to see our need to focus more and more on Your will as this New Year progresses.

In Jesus’ name –

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