Your Attention, Please

Driving a highway near Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, I saw what looked like an International Scout parked in a field. Then I noticed that a couple of “Hillbilly Hounds” were enjoying a drive of their own. Alright, it was a prop to get the attention of tourists and in my case it worked, but I think I have seen those same fellows (or their kin) driving around my county! I thought it was funny and had Amy take this picture when we drove back by.

That does make me wonder what gets and keeps our attention. Not far from Mammoth Cave is Bowling Green, KY where GM makes the Corvette. There is also a Museum nearby dedicated to the history of the Corvette. It was a good visit. Do sports cars, luxury cars, expensive cars grab your attention. I knew a couple who placed a picture of a certain luxury car on their refrigerator as a goal that one day they would be able to afford that car.

Some of us dream of exotic vacations; others value fame. These things and other things of the world pull at us gaining our attention. Recently, the world stood still for a funeral of an entertainer, while somewhere a Gold Star Mother quietly buried her son who died in the cause of freedom. For her son there was no gold casket, no parade of music and movie stars, just a lonely trumpet playing taps as a seven guns fired three rounds each. Fame, fortune, talent, and glamor attract those in the world.

What grabs your attention? Do you notice people praying in restaurants? Do you look forward to spending time with God in prayer or in study? What is the focus of your life?

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