Top Ten Review part 3

The Morning Drive (2)We are almost complete with our review of the top ten posts from ten years of The Morning Drive. Thank you for staying with me through this trip down memory lane and for your journey with me on The Morning Drive for the last decade.

WOW! A decade. That is still difficult to comprehend.

On to the posts:

Coming in at Number FOUR: A Prayer originally posted on April 6, 2015. My commute had changed and I was driving nearly an hour to a new congregation before I moved closer. My commute was no longer a walk but a long curvy state highway. On that drive it was not unusual to come upon a wreck. Most of the time they were simple instances where someone missed a curve and drove off the road. Sometimes they were more serious. This is about a serious fatal accident involving a driver who fell asleep.

Coming in at Number THREE: The Greatest Command published on October 12, 2011. In this post I reflect on a popular worship song and link to a video of one man singing all the parts. I also shared some reflections on the lyrics and how we can live out the greatest command and the second command.

Coming in at Number TWO: Ten Common Lies published on June 28, 2011. These are not lies others tell us, but lies we tell ourselves. I had read other’s articles about lies we tell ourselves and re-read a book on the same subject. I compiled what I think are the ten lies we often tell ourselves. I have been guilty of more than one of these.

Thanks again for reading.  Look for the top post of all time later this week.

– Scott

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